Sunday, December 12, 2004

In the begining...

The idea for this blog came to me in a dream. A dream? Not a dream, actually. While most people were dreaming last night at 2:30 am, I was listening to the sweet sounds of a smoke alarm. At first I thought I was a dream. Then I heard two of my roommates talking. “Should we leave?” one said from the hall. “No, its probably just a test,” said the second and they both returned to their rooms. Thanks guys. Since I’m the responsible one of the bunch (sometimes I think that “bunch” is all of humanity), I went out into the hall (the main hall beyond the hall of my suite) to find lingering cooking smoke and a wining smoke alarm. A quick look into the public kitchen (the one for the kids who live in the single rooms – not the one for my suite) found nothing on the stove top. So I hit the reset button and went back to sleep.

Just minutes latter I hear that alarm crying again. I go out to repeat my futile maneuver, this time to find two ladies in the kitchen holding their ears. “What’s going on?” I grunt. They ask if they should have turned on a fan or something to use the oven (I didn’t check the oven in my first visit and therefore my fire safety merit badge I received as a boy scout was instantly revoked). I tell them that there’s clearly something burning and once again hit reset on the smoke detector. I realize that this will only force me to return to this situation only minutes later, so I pull the smoke detector off the wall, remove the 9 volt battery and place the pieces on the table. I mutter something to them about resolving this situation and I return to by sleep for the second time. However, their solution was to open the fire doors in the hall (genius!) which caused the next smoke alarm to go off. I decide that my new course of action requires inserting earplugs. As I drifted to sleep I decided that the world needs to hear this story.

There are many other stories of futility coming your way from the catacombs of the Teachers College Residence Halls. Your dynamic duo of Woodward and Bernstein (yes, we’ve already expanded twofold) will bring it to you right here. Stay tuned, and wear a helmet for your protection.


The purpose of this blog is to spread the gospel of the Teachers College (Columbia University) Resdident Hall experience.